Thursday, June 05, 2008

God Provides

Do you truly live as if you believe God provides? In your day to day life, are you moving forward with the confidence that God knows your needs and will provide for them? Now, that promise certainly does not give you the liberty to avoid managing your money well or working hard in the job you have, but, where is your trust? In yourself? In the company? In God?

In 1 Kings 4:1-7 we hear the startling story of a mother who is preparing to lose her two sons because of an outstanding debt. Our heart goes out to her as she is struggling to make ends meet and has nothing in her house except a small, simple jar of oil. Yet, this proves to be more than enough for God to provide for her family. The prophet Elisha helps her see the faithfulness of God as He miraculously provides enough oil for her to raise the funds to pay her debts and sustain her family.

Isn’t it interesting that God uses something as common as oil in this narrative? Would this single mother ever have imagined that God would use such a routine household item? We tend to want God to provide lightning, pillars of fire and other awe-inspiring sights when He works in our lives. Yet, He almost always seems to work in the most common, simple ways. Whatever your need is…there is a good chance that God’s means of working are already nearby. Do you trust Him to work? Will you wait for Him to work in His time? God will provide. And His way just might surprise you.