Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Prayer Request

I do voiceover work for WKCT radio in Bowling Green, KY. I do this for the opportunity it gives me to share a God-centered message on a news/talk radio station. As a trade for my work they give me airtime to contribute my own commercials.

This is one that I have just sent them and it should be aired soon. Please pray that God would be honored and would use it in a mighty way. It is a bit more direct than other commercials I have offered in the past. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Would You Lie to A Friend?

Would you lie to someone? I mean would you look them square in the face and tell another person a big, fat lie? Hopefully not. Now the truth is that we have all lied to another person at some point in our lives, but most of us try to avoid making lying a regular practice in our lives.

Now, may I ask you another question? Have you ever told someone one thing and then told another person the direct opposite? Have you ever told someone a particular situation was fine and when asked about it by another person responded by belittling the other person, the request they made or griping about the situation in general?

Let's connect these two questions. Would you agree that when you tell one person that you agree and are in favor of a specific situation or decision and then complain about it to another you are lying? Think about it for a moment. If you tell two people two different things one must true and the other must not. Ouch, we are all guilty of this aren't we and maybe we didn't even think of it as lying.

Why would we do something like this? There are a number of reasons. Perhaps we don't like conflict so we just go with the flow rather than voicing our true opinions. Only to be left to “vent” to someone else and believe our venting is an excusable relief of frustration. Maybe we enjoy the drama and look for the opportunity to create conflict at any given opportunity. I suppose there is also the chance that we have adopted griping into our daily routines and vocabulary. So, being truthful is something we don't regard highly because we are accustomed to complaining on a regular basis.

Now listen, I'm not giving you license to blast away every time you disagree with a decision. No, I'm calling you to speak the truth. There's more to truth-telling, though. The Bible says that we are to speak the truth in love. In fact, the Bible says that we are to speak words that builds others up and to avoid words that tear others down. This takes a careful, methodical approach. When we are critiquing a comment or decision, we must remember to be intentional in kindly sharing our thoughts. But we must share them those true thoughts. If we don't, we aren't being honest and that is lying. Yes, it is more difficult. But, honestly, aren't the most meaningful things in life usually the most difficult?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheer Carefully

When did the fan base of a sports team become a nation? I was given a game schedule recently for a university that you would know well and it proudly called this team’s nation to action. I first heard of a fan base being referred to as a nation a few years ago by a group of fanatical sports types in professional football. I thought it was something that only happened out on the West Coast. Now, it seems that every team has a nation that is following them.

Last year I had the chance to travel to New York to attend a professional football game. The game featured a huge rivalry and the debut of Brett Favre in his first, of many, revolving uniforms. I was overwhelmed at the spectacle of the thousands of fans and their gigantic emotional response to every single play. These fans spent their entire Sunday outside of the stadium, inside the stadium and on their way home from the stadium. Their investment was not Sunday alone, mind you, as I listened to them talk I realized they had spent countless hours learning statistics and other facts about both teams playing in the game. Their investment was not time alone, either. They had greatly invested in clothing, hats, blankets, jewelry, and, don’t forget, face paint.

Listen, I like sports. I’ve played sports nearly all of my life. All year long I look forward to coaching my kids in various sports. But there seems to be something dangerous about our fascination with a recreational event when it takes on the status of being called a nation. As you prepare for the bowl season and the madness that comes in the spring, take an inventory of your commitment level to your team and then measure it against your commitment to your family or your faith. I know we would never believe that our hobbies carry more weight in our lives than our families or our faith, but it’s worth your consideration. Do you spend more time preparing to watch the big game or encouraging your wife? As you think of all of those stats you have stored in your head I wonder how they measure up to your knowledge of the Words of our Creator. When you hold the accomplishments of a magical October Classic or the joy of March Madness in light of eternity, how much weight should they carry in your life? Go ahead and cheer, but don’t lose sight of the most important things in life.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Building the Future

I had lunch with my kindergartner for the first time today at Highland Elementary School. I've been to several programs at school and dropped her and her brothers off every day, but I have never encountered a moment like today. Since I was considered a special guest we had the opportunity to sit at a private table in the back of the cafeteria. We talked about how the day was going and what she was learning. We discussed the kids that came in the cafeteria and which of the “big kids” she knew. We just chatted up a storm. It was simply delightful.

And somewhere in the conversation between bites I caught a glimpse of a little girl who was not so little any more. Where was the toddler and preschooler? How has almost six years passed so quickly? Through her facial expressions and in her eyes I could see flashes of the future. It was quite sobering. It was a wake up call. This cute little girl will soon be a lovely young lady who will become a beautiful woman. The challenge is that her beauty is something her Mom and I can influence. Yes, from a physical standpoint she will be beautiful like her mom, but we're looking for more. We're looking for beauty that comes from within. The beauty that Proverbs 31 calls excellent and worth more than rubies.

In that flash of a moment I realized that I must be intentional. Quiet conversations need to be filled with chit chat, but there must be more. There must be pointed character building questions and answers. I must help her understand where her beauty originates and how it is defined. These conversations will not happen magically or by chance. I need to prepared for every opportunity I get to help her in becoming the woman God has created her to be.

The truth is, God has given all of us opportunities like this with people in our lives. We make an impact on everyone we talk to. Sometimes we miss the opportunity and the person walks away thinking that we don't have much to say. Sometimes they walk away thinking we are foolish in what we share. But sometimes they walk away from our conversation and their lives are shaped forever by the words we just exchanged. If you want to be this person who makes an impact you must be intentional. How will you make your words count? How will you intentionally build someone up today?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Questions that Matter

Are there questions that you wonder if the Bible has an answer for? Take a moment and email your question to me at We'll try to think through the answer and post it in an audio format. I'll try to answer a few per week.

Hope to hear from you!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Wander As I Wonder

No purpose of the Lord can be thwarted. That’s what Job said as the great calamities of his life came to an end, human reasoning was put aside and he turned to God for help and comfort.

Except, his turning to God wasn’t gentle. No, initially it looked more like demanding than turning. Job said that many men would listen to him and receive his wisdom. He said that there were many who would simple walk away heeding his advice after he spoke. He thought God was going to do this as well. He believed God should clearly display His reasoning for the sorrow that had come and grant Job full understanding.

God did not.

No, God took Job on a long journey through the creation pointing out the beauty and majesty of the land, sea and skies. Could Job truly feed the goats on the highest and most remote span of mountains? Could Job swim to the depths and tame the mightiest fish in the sea? Could he bring the rain or snow in their proper time?

It is true that Job suffered much. It is true that initially he remained steadfast in his faith. But even Job wandered from his security in God’s goodness as his friends cast doubt on his belief. Yet, there is kindness after the storm. After his friends finished their homilies, Job was left to wonder. And, yes, there was time when his wondering caused him to wander.

But God came to his aid.

God did not provide answers though. He did not give reasons as to why such great tragedy had occurred. Instead, He provided evidence of His sovereignty. He provided proof of His greatness. It was enough for Job.