Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where does Covenant Life Today fit?

In Ephesians 5, we learn that we are all to under the authority of someone. Ultimately, we are to be under the authority of God, but in that chapter we see other very real and physical people that we are to answer to. I believe God does that to care for us. When we are under the authority of other strong Christians, we have a much less chance of straying away from the Truth. Think about that for your own life, who's authority are you under and are you living that way?

As for CLT, this passage says that even this organization must be under that authority of someone. Throughout the New Testament, the apostles, pastors, evangelists, etc. were always under someone's authority. There were no lone rangers. Today, when you flip on the television or listen to the radio, you will probably hear Christian ministries that are not really accountable to anyone. They are individuals or small groups of people that are working together in "their" ministry. Even more, there are individuals who go out and sing and go preach week in and week out and they are not really under anyone's authority. They get their own bookings and aren't really tied to a local church.

Read through Ephesians 3 keeping in mind that Paul seems to direct the proclamation of the Gospel and the glorifying of God through the church.

Go ahead, read it now.

Over the next few posts, I would like to think through this question: What is the church? And, if it is that important, what are the implications of a Christian's life in being a part of a church every single day.

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