Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Savior That Is A Servant

Take a moment to reflect on John 13:1-20 where we get a glimpse of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. These are some thoughts on that passage.

Disciples are supposed to wash the feet of their teachers. That is not what happened the night before Jesus went to the cross. In fact, before these moments are past, these close followers of Jesus Christ would know that He is a servant...and that they ought to be also.

In that Greek-Roman world, the Jews still stood as humble people. But what happened that night was beyond the typical sense of humility.

The Outer Garment

You see, Jesus took off his outer garment...that only happened in a place of intimate relationship. A person did not remove their outer garment in the home or presence of a stranger or some general acquaintance. When Jesus removes his outer coat, He is telling them that they are invited in to a close relationship with Him.

The Towel

He goes a step further, though. Then he replaces that outer garment with the towel...which would signify to the disciples what was about to happen. He was about to honor them by performing a task that was well beneath a teacher.

The Teacher’s Knowledge

You see, there are many teachers who understand the past. This understanding gives them understanding of what has happened and why it happened. There are teachers that are able to use their understanding of the past and help make sense of the present.

But teachers that can work in the present with complete knowledge of what is coming in the future...there has only truly been One. The One.

He Knew

He knew the betrayer was in the room at that moment.

He knew the great enemy was at work.

He knew the sorrow that was to come.

But He knew more than just this.

He knew the end from the beginning.

As real as the cross was to Him, the empty tomb was reality as well.

He knew the confusion of the disciples.

He knew the fear they would soon experience.

Yet He served them anyway.

He led them any way.

He loved them any way.

He knows your doubt, and He loves you any way.

He knows your confusion, and He loves you any way.

He knows your fear, and He loves you any way.

He is serving You today.

Just as He washed the disciples feet...He is at work for you today.

Jesus is actively interceding for His disciples even now.

As You Pray

As you pray, surrender your fears.

Seek His forgiveness.

Seek His cleansing.

Ask for His heart.

To love the dirty.

To love the unlovable.

To know someone’s sin...and love them any way.

Ask Him to help you trust Him.

Thank Him.

Thank Him for washing the feet of His disciples.

Thank Him for inviting us in to that intimate relationship.

Thank Him for teaching, leading and loving like no one else could do.

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