Friday, September 05, 2008

The Protection of Discipline

How often have you ever been grateful for discipline as it is being administered? Whether it was in the parent/child relationship, teacher/student relationship, coach/athlete relationship, etc. we usually do not appreciate discipline until long after it is over. In fact, sometimes we do not even recognize that discipline is discipline at the time. Many times we believe it is pointless punishment and our question is, “Why me?” instead of, “Father, thank you for loving me and how are you going to use this in my life?”

As a part of our reading today we cover Psalm 94:12-15 and it is there that we see the truth that God uses discipline for correction today and protection in the future. Are there difficult circumstances that are going on around you? Perhaps God is using some poor choices you have made to reap difficult results. More than just punishment, though, God is most likely using these difficult circumstances to make you wiser and to help you in your decision making process.

If this is true, the most God-honoring question is how will you apply the lessons you are learning? The answer will be different for each of us. Deep down you probably have a good idea of why you are reaping the consequences you are receiving. So, the question is not why, but how will God use this. How will your life change so the ungodly practices are replaced with ones that please God? God promises faithfulness. He promises He will not forsake His child and in that promise you may rest in the confidence that only He can provide. Therefore, be bold and ask this hard question – Father, how will you use this discipline to make me more like Christ?

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