Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Proud Deception

Does God's wrath burn toward you? Is He angry with you? Serious questions to consider. 1 Peter 5:5 tells us that God opposes the proud. So I need to be asking, is there pride in me? Is there pride in you? If my answer is yes, then is God totally opposed to me? The answer is yes and no.

What is pride? Ultimately, pride is the desire to be God. That sounds extreme, perhaps, but it is true. Isaiah 14 records that it was Satan's desire to ascend to God's throne that caused him to be cast out of God's angel corp. It was his pride. He desired to sit in God's seat. He desired God's power. We find that this same desire for power was the bait used to entice Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden. In Genesis 3 Satan claims to know more that God, and says they will also if they will only rebel against God. And, there it is. Our pride calls us to rebel against God.


Because a pride-filled person is one that knows best. A pride-filled person is one that knows best and can accomplish whatever they want to accomplish. A pride-filled person is one that knows best and can accomplish whatever they wish to accomplish and is strong enough to bear whatever consequences may come.

Are you a proud person?

Let's take a short exam. Answer these questions...

-- If you are being faithful to God, are you satisfied with your station in life? Or, do you deserve better?

-- Are you happy with your spouse? Or, should you have someone that pleases you more?
Do your children behave exactly the way you want them to? Do they often inconvenience you? (Even if you would never acknowledge this fact out loud.) Or, do you see your role as one of a servant toward them?

-- Do you deserve better friends? Or, do you see your role as that of a servant to them?

-- Is your stuff good enough? Do you always need the newest or the best? Or, are you thankful and satisfied with what God has provided?

How are you doing so far? Found any pride? Need me to go on?

Truth is, there is pride in all of us. While God is for those that follow Jesus Christ(Romans 8:31-39), He does not love your pride and He will work to get it out of you. That means conviction, frustration, and discontent may be guests in your life. They are tools God uses to get you to humble yourself.

As you turn loose of your pride, don't worry, God is strong enough to fill his own seat. His power and wisdom are sufficient.

The real question is, will you submit to Him? And, in turn submit to those around you so that you can serve them as Christ has served you?

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