Monday, March 01, 2010

Are You Afraid?

What intimidates you? I’m sure something quickly pops into your mind. It’s uncontrollable. You can’t stop the thoughts. That’s because we’re all afraid of something. Did you know that God does not desire for us to live this way. He desires that we live with peace and confidence in Christ. He does not want us to live a live of fear and insecurity.

Where does your strength originate? Carefully consider this question. Don’t give a knee jerk reaction here. Think about it. If you have any strength at all, there must be a source. One of the great differences between the Christian faith and many other modern philosophies is the originating source of inner strength. Many other religions teach that strength comes from within. We are in need of locating that strength inside our own minds or hearts and tapping into it. While the Bible does speak about the human spirit, Ephesians 4:23 being one example, it is not the human spirit that produces the ultimate, ongoing, life-sustaining strength we need in our lives.

Three times in the first nine verses of the book of Joshua God commands Joshua to be strong and courageous. If you read Joshua 1:1-9 and think it sounds like a pep talk you are right on track. God is leading Joshua to carry the nation of Israel forward into the Promised Land of Canaan. Yet, in this pep talk God is careful to point out to Joshua that He will be the source of His strength. Not the military or the leadership’s wise decision-making, but God Himself will deliver confidence and victory.

What is Joshua’s responsibility? It is to meditate daily upon the Word of God. To meditate on God’s Word is to read, think about and apply God’s word to one’s life and decisions. Again, we are talking about our source of strength and we see that it is to come from God. When Joshua is tempted to be afraid, he should remember the strong promises of God. He should look back at God’s proven track record. He should reflect on the character and nature of God revealed in Scripture. This will prove to be a faithful source of strength for Joshua and for you.

Fears – we all have them. Ever since Adam and Eve hid from God in the Garden of Eden, people have been hiding from all kinds of things. The good news is that you can come on out now and stop your hiding. You can be strong and courageous. But your strength and courage will only be true and lasting if your life is anchored by God and His Word.

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