Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Do You Need?

I have a friend that has a running joke with his wife and it goes like this: Whenever one of them asks for something or says, "I want...", the other responds with, "and that's all I need..." The joke is funny because it is so true. We try to convince ourselves that the next object of our eye or heart will bring the satisfaction we've been searching for all of our lives. In the second chapter of Colossians, Paul is encouraging Christians to realize all they need is Christ even though shallow philosophers are trying to convince them otherwise.

Christ is sufficient because He supplies what we need and works to keep from us what we don't need. When we turn to Him we will find a great source of satisfaction as we learn to rest in Him and His provision. To the unbeliever that sounds strange, to the believer it sounds right, but difficult. Indeed, it is a challenge to walk away from a philosophy of self-provision, but there is great joy to be found resting in the Savior's care.

Can you identify your "one more thing"? What falls in the category of "and that's all I need..." in your life? How has this thinking deceived you in the past? How could it deceive you in the future?

How could you turn to Christ for greater wisdom and satisfaction today?

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