Monday, August 10, 2009

Purification Process

We long for pure things, don’t we? Pure chocolate, pure gold…you fill in the blank. When something is purified, though, we often forget about the first part of the process. The hard part is the removal of the impurities.

This purification process is true for people also. If we are going to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we must be purified. This is a hard process for us because it calls us to realize that there are imperfections and impurities in us. Then it gets even more difficult as we are called to join with God in the removal of our impurities.

It’s like losing weight or gaining muscle…we love to think about how much healthier we would be or how our clothes fit better, but thinking about the process to get there is a whole other matter. Talk about hard work!

Jesus came in the flesh to purify all those that would follow Him. That includes His atoning death for sin, but it includes more. The purification includes the process of God working in the lives of disciples to make them like Christ. (Rom. 8:28-29) And, for us to be more like Christ, we must have impurities removed from us.

Here’s where it get personal.

Could you name three impurities in your life right now? Can you put your finger on three attitudes or regular actions that God would consider offensive?

Then, would you pray that God would help you to see these impurities and give you the desire, strength and wisdom to join Him in the purification process?

Yes, it is hard work but I thought we said we longed for pure things. God does.

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